Towards the end of 2019, Youngers was formed by Coach Warren.

His goal was to help change young lives FROM his AREA OF WALTHAMSTOW through playing football.

"From a young age football has always been a passion for most kids in this area. Personally, It has played a huge part in my life in terms of communicating, Co-operating and also supporting my peers. Being on the pitch was the perfect platform to build my confidence and it gave me the mental strength to conquer a lot of day to day challenges that came with life as I got older. Football built me, its my foundation. now I'm older I've realised it even more" 

Warren, along with the other coaches at YOUNGERS want football to play a similar role for the kids in their community and beyond.

Football, he says, brings people from different backgrounds together and teaches them lessons that they can keep forever.

"When I first played football as a kid, I made a lot of new friends. I'm WAY OLDER now, and some of those friends IM stilL WITH today."

"Football has always helped to bring a bit of life into the Community, especially in Walthamstow. Its a great way for you to express yourself. Being from Walthamstow we like to express ourselves, whether its from Sport or Art, entertainment Anything."